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Oaktree Specialty Lending

Last updated 8/10/22

One of the best BDC companies in my portfolio.

Oaktree Specialty Lending – OCSL

A few reasons why I purchased this BDC, here are the top ones:

Reason #1

8.84% divided 
as per Robinhood at the time of this writing. That’s an awesome divided by the way. (see bellow)

Reason # 2

Robinhood App, 6 Analyst ratings of 100% buy. This is very rare indeed. You don’t see it every day. (see bellow) As of 8/9/22.

Reason # 3

It’s a BDC (business development company) 
and they tend to pay high dividends, and I am looking to add substantial cash to my overall investments in this sector. Oaktree is just one of many companies I am investing in to meet this goal.

Reason # 4

Earnings per share are trending in the right direction 
(mostly increasing)and appear to be stable, ranging from $0.17 to $0.18 per share.

Reason #5

Growth in dividend payout per share. Most recently, paying $0.165 per share as of 6/30/22, which is up from $0.13 same time, last year.

Reason #6

Its a medium-size market cap BDC, at over $1.2B in valuation. This lets me sleep at nigh because this company is managed professionally and has the size (market cap) to weather storms.

Reason #7

I need to diversify my BDC portfolio with a portfolio of solid companies, and this BDC has earned a spot at that table. You can see a growing list of my more than 10 other BDCs here.

Dividends per share over time for Oaktree Specialty Lending (BDC):

  • Jun 30, 22 = $0.165 per share
  • Mar 31, 22 = $0.16 per share
  • Dec 31, 21 = $0.155 per share
  • Oct 1, 21 = $0.145 per share
  • Jun 30, 21 = $0.13 per share
  • Mar 31, 21 = $0.12 per share

Total Shares owned:

  • 31.6199 shared owned on 8/10/22

Oaktree is part of my 2022 BDC Master list of BDC’s that at this point look to be great buys.

Let me know your thoughts about this BDC and share with me your favorite BDCs which are investing in.



Disclosure: I have a beneficial long term position in the shares of Oaktree via stock ownership. I wrote this article myself, and it shares my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

I am not an investment advisor. This article is for informational and entertainment purposes and does not constitute as financial advice. I encourage you and expect you to do your own due diligence and draw your own conclusions prior to making any investment decisions.


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